The Barbie Story:

How a Fashion Icon Was Born

The moment Barbie doll was introduced to the world, an icon was born. Debuting in 1959 as “The Teenage Fashion Model,” Barbie allowed girls to experience fashion play and to explore various dreams, fantasies and aspirations without ever leaving home. 

Over the years, Barbie doll has always been a reflection of the times,

whether following style trends or blazing her own fashion trail. 


* All my treats are individually hand made!

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Dipped Oreos

$1.75 each

"B" Cake Pops
$2.00 each

Barbie Doll Cake Pops $2.25 each

​​Christie's Cake Pops

  • ​​​​​Minimum Order of 6 pieces of each design.
  • These prices are for pick up only. Delivery available for an additional charge. 
  • ** Shipping is not available because of the Florida heat. The candy coating can melt during shipping.
  • Cancellation Policy: Because every order is specially made, any order cancelled within 48 hours of pick up day will not be refunded.

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Barbie Logo

Cake Pops

$2.25 each